January 03, 2017

The name of the restaurant says it all really. Pick you meat, fill your steamed bun and chow down. I’ve been twice, once with my good friends Tom & Sarah and more recently with my partner Mike. Both times the food has been truly incredible.

When it comes to starters the Korean wings are something else. I ordered them for myself and Mike got the crispy squid, however his food envy was too strong and we shared both dishes.

The highlight on the meat section is the steak, cooked to perfection and served with a perfectly contrasting sweet and salty sauce and pickles. A close second is the crispy pork belly, served with a much sweeter sauce and crunchy sour apple to cut through the sweetness.

The real showstopper part of the meal is the smores, they come to the table with your very own mini BBQ to melt the marshmallow. The cinnamon doughnuts are also pretty special.

Take your partner, your friends, you mum, whoever! Just make sure you go if you’re in London.

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