July 01, 2015

B.O.B’s is a 1957 VW camper van that can normally be found roaming around London cooking up lobster based treats for the masses. For a while they took up residency at The Rising Sun in Blackfriars. As my friend Georgina was living round the corner we took the chance to indulge is some seafood delights.

The dining room upstairs in The Rising Sun is industrial but cosy and the red gingham tablecloths gave it quite a French bistro feel. We shared a bottle of white wine and got stuck into the menu. There were a few more options than the food van normally has as they had a full kitchen at their disposal. We decided to share the baked oysters and ahi tuna tacos. The tuna came out on top in that battle, fresh and delicious.

For main we both ordered the lobster roll, this is served with fries and a giant pickle (yum). The lobster was sweet and juicy and the mayonnaise had just the right amount of spice. The chips could have been better, but you can’t be good at everything!

Lastly we had caramelised banana with brownie pieces in a caramel sauce. It was pretty tasty although we probably didn’t need it after already eating so much!

Follow their twitter to keep track of when #thevaniscoming - https://twitter.com/BOBs_Lobster

Website here - http://bobslobster.com/

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